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This holiday season, we’ve chosen to use the work we love to do every day to support the work that the Delancey Street Foundation does.

Delancey Street is the country’s leading residential self-help organization for substance abusers, ex-convicts, homeless and others who have hit bottom. It’s a self-sufficient community that runs itself and teaches its residents sobriety, job skills, and more. There’s no staff, no government funding, and no professionals. Nobody clocks out at the end of the day and everyone works together to build a new life.

They believe, as we do, that people can change. That everyone deserves a chance to learn from their mistakes, develop their strengths, and learn self-reliance by helping others.

So instead of spending our time on an elaborate holiday experience, this year we’ll be working with Delancey Street to give them the tools they need to train and help each other to be confident in the digital world. Design, content strategy, marketing, development— everything we love to do for clients like you, we’ll be offering to their residents.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to help Comrade grow and succeed this year. You can help the Delancey Street Foundation do the same by spreading the word. For each share using #lovethemission, Comrade will donate $10.

We’ll be making updates through the new year to show our progress. Check in to see what we’ve built and how you can help.

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